December 16, 2019

Drivers of the gut microbiome in children and animals in urban Ethiopia

PIs: Andy Stringer (NC State), Tadesse Eguale (Addis Ababa University), Ben Callahan (NC State), Chris Woods (Duke)

Fall 2019 Seed Grant in Pathogenic and Commensal Organisms

Environmental Enteric Dysfunction (EED) is a poorly understood condition that has an impact on child growth, health and development in developing countries. Understanding the relationship between the household environment and microbiome development in children could lead to further insight into of the causes of EED. Our overall objective is to determine an association between gut microbiome structure and EED in Ethiopian households. Our year one project outcome includes identifying priority household drivers that contribute to higher gut microbiome diversity, which will advance our understanding of the drivers of EED, and inform new and innovative household level interventions to prevent EED.

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