Upcoming talk on the prevalence of vector-borne organisms in Madagascar

TriCEM is hosting a breakfast featuring Dr. Barbara Qurollo of North Carolina State University. She will be giving a lecture titled Molecular Prevalence of Vector-borne Organisms in Dogs, Zebu and Lemurs in Eastern Madagascar.

April 17, 2019, 8:30-9:45 am 

If you are interested in attending the breakfast, please email Grace Farley at grace.farley@duke.edu, as TriCEM breakfasts are by invitation only.

More information on Dr. Qurollo’s research can be found here: https://cvm.ncsu.edu/directory/qurollo-barbara/

Abstract: Vector-borne pathogens are known to cause significant illness in multiple species around the globe, but information regarding their impact on human and animal health in developing countries is limited. Recently, wild lemurs in Madagascar were found to be infected with novel vector-borne organisms (VBO), including Babesia, Borrelia, Neoehrlichia, Plasmodium, and Tyrpanosoma spp. We applied a “One Health” approach to identify these novel VBO and others across wildlife and domesticated animals residing near Moramanga, Madagascar. I will highlight the prevalence and zoonotic potential of these VBO in dogs, zebu cattle and lemurs living in eastern Madagascar.