Club EvMed: Teaching evolution in the time of COVID-19

We’re launching a new web series to keep the evolutionary medicine community connected during this time of social distancing: Club EvMed — Virtual Evolutionary Medicine Conversations. These regularly-held virtual meetings are styled around the idea of a journal club, with a different topic and discussion leader each time. We hope you’ll join us next Thursday for our Read more about Club EvMed: Teaching evolution in the time of COVID-19[…]

Evolutionary Medicine Summer Institute 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE: As of now, EMSI is still expected to proceed at NC State from May 17-22nd. This decision follows cooperating institutions event restriction guidelines and is subject to change as more information develops in response to the current pandemic.  The health of our instructors, participants, organizers, and facility staff is TriCEM’s main priority and we Read more about Evolutionary Medicine Summer Institute 2020[…]

Spotlight Researchers

The Scientist and The Science: Jason Somarelli        The Scientist Dr. Jason Somarelli is the embodiment of interdisciplinary research. In the rising era of science that is dependent on building bridges and connecting across disciplines, he has casted a wide net for his own interests. Interdisciplinary on his own accord. Dr. Somarelli is Read more about Spotlight Researchers[…]

Finding the right piece for each puzzle: disentangling host and pathogen RNA sequences

When you have the flu, your body changes in a multitude of ways. You have a fever, your nose runs, your body aches. What is less known, however, is that the changes caused by infections extend all the way to the activation of your genes. Infections heighten the expression of genes that control your body’s Read more about Finding the right piece for each puzzle: disentangling host and pathogen RNA sequences[…]

Now accepting Spring 2020 funding proposals

Our Spring 2020 TriCEM Funding RFP is now live! We are inviting proposals for Seed Grants, Graduate Student Awards, and Working Groups from researchers at Duke, NC State, and UNC-Chapel Hill with activities focused on evolutionary medicine. Evolutionary medicine is broadly interpreted to involve research that uses evolutionary and ecological perspectives to understand health and disease Read more about Now accepting Spring 2020 funding proposals[…]

Dr. Craig Lowe: Interdisciplinary on His Own Accord

When most people think of hubs of innovation and scientific inquiry, they name locations like Silicon Valley, the futuristic Osaka Japan, or our very own Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.  For Dr. Craig Lowe, Amish country served as his scientific muse.  Growing up in a town adjacent to these tech adverse communities, he was Read more about Dr. Craig Lowe: Interdisciplinary on His Own Accord[…]

Pathogens Gone Global 2019

Pathogens Gone Global was an absolute success and the team from the Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine would like to thank the organizers, collaborators, speakers and all those who participated in making the symposium a day to remember. Over 150 participants attended talks ranging from the impact of climate change, human movement, extinctions and more Read more about Pathogens Gone Global 2019[…]

Pathogens Gone Global

Human activities are impacting environmental processes at an unprecedented scale. These changes also influence the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases. TriCEM is hosting an exciting event centered on these topics at Duke’s campus next Thursday – Pathogens Gone Global: Disease Ecology and Evolution in a Changing World.  This symposium will engage with the latest findings Read more about Pathogens Gone Global[…]

TriCEM is searching for a new Assistant Director!

The Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine (TriCEM, at Duke University seeks to hire an Assistant Director.  Applicants should have a Masters or Ph.D. and demonstrated experience in evolutionary medicine, scientific communication, and interdisciplinary research.  Evidence of successful grant writing, an innovative mindset, excellent organizational abilities, and research experience in one of TriCEM’s tracks (Pathogenic and Read more about TriCEM is searching for a new Assistant Director![…]