March 12, 2021


TriCEM Publications


Publications 2021Read More
Rosinger AY, Bethancourt H, Swanson ZS et al. (2021) Drinking water salinity is associated with hypertension and hyperdilute urine among Daasanach pastoralists in Northern Kenya. Science of the Total Environment 770: 144667.Link


Publications 2020Read More
Somarelli JA et al. (2020) Molecular biology and evolution of cancer: From discovery to action. Molecular Biology and Evolution 37(2): 320-326.Link
Somarelli JA et al. (2020) Improving cancer drug discovery by studying cancer across the tree of life. Molecular Biology and Evolution 37(1): 11-17.Link
Amoroso C et al. (2020) Disgust theory through the lens of psychiatric medicine. Clinical Psychological Science 8(1): 3-24.Link
Rao SR et al. (2020) From the clinic to the bench and back again in one dog year: How a cross-species pipeline to identify new treatments for sarcoma illuminates the path forward in precision medicine. Frontiers in Oncology 10: 117.Link
Hao Y et al. (2020) Baby genomics: tracing the evolutionary changes that gave rise to placentation. Genome Biology and Evolution.Link
Ryser MD et al. (2020 Minimal barriers to invasion during human colorectal tumor growth. Nature Communications 11(1280).Link
Snyder-Mackler N et al. (2020 Social determinants of health and survival in humans and other animals. Science 368(6493): eaax9553.Link
McGirr JA and Martin CH. (2020) Ecological divergence in sympatry causes gene misexpression in hybrids. Molecular Ecology.Link
McGirr JA and Martin CH. (2020) Few fixed variants between trophic specialist pupfish species reveal candidate cis-regulatory alleles underlying rapid craniofacial divergence. Molecular Biology and Evolution.Link
Bethancourt HJ, Swanson ZS et al. (2020) Hydration in relation to water insecurity, heat index, and lactation status in two small-scale populations in hot-humid and hot-arid environments. American Journal of Human Biology.Link
Somarelli JA et al. (2020) A comparative oncology drug discovery pipeline to identify and validate new treatments for osteosarcoma. Cancers 12: 3335.Link


Publications 2019Read More
McGirr JA and Martin CH. (2019) Hybrid misregulation in multiple developing tissues within a recent adaptive radiation of Cyprinodon pupfishes. PLoS One.Link
O'Keeffe KR and Jones CD. (2019) Challenges and solutions for analysing dual RNA-seq data for non-model host-pathogen systems. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10(3): 401-414.Link
Reese AT et al. (2019) Using DNA metabarcoding to evaluate the plant component of human diets: a proof of concept. mSystems.Link
Bornbusch S and Grube A. (2019) Antibiotic resistance in wildlife population and wild ecosystems. Plan A.Link
Jolly MK et al. (2019) E-cadherin represses anchorage-independent growth in sarcomas through both signaling and mechanical mechanisms. Molecular Cancer Research 17(6): 1391-1402.Link
Xu S et al. (2019) An integrative systems biology and experimental approach identifies convergence of epithelial plasticity, metabolism, and autophagy to promote chemoresistance. Journal of Clinical Medicine 8(2): 205.Link
Hopperstad KA et al. (2019) Patterns of genetic divergence among populations of Aedes aegypti L. (Diptera: Culicidae) in the southeastern USA. Parasites & Vectors 12: 511.Link
Nelson CS et al. (2019) Intrahost dynamics of human cytomegalovirus variants acquired by seronegative glycoprotein B vaccinees. Journal of Virology 93(5).Link
Pandey A and Dawson DE. (2019) The shapes of virulence to come. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health 2019(1): 3.Link
Ryan CP. (2019) Tandem repeat disorders. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health 2019(1): 17.Link
Salazar-Tortosa D and Fernández-Rhodes L. (2019) Obesity and climate adaptation. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health 2019(1): 104-105.Link
Spence Beaulieu MR. (2019) The role of parasite manipulation in vector-borne diseases. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health 2019(1): 106-107.Link
Smith TC and Hechtel L. (2019) Erectile dysfunction and the baculum. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health 2019(1): 147-148.Link


Publications 2018Read More
Lea AJ et al. (2018) Genome-wide quantification of the effects of DNA methylation on human gene regulation. eLife 7: e37513.Link
Hanna E and Sinnott-Armstrong W. (2018) Disgusting discrepancies: moral disgust as threat compensation. In: The Moral Psychology of Disgust (Rowman & Littlefield), ed. Victor Kumar and Nina Strohminger.
Lea AJ et al. (2018): Developmental plasticity: Bridging research in evolution and human health. Evolution, Medicine and Public Health 2017(1): 162-175.Link
Niemuth JN et al. (2018) Propylene glycol in free-ranging green sea turtle plasma. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 9(2): 617-623.Link
Qurollo BA et al. (2018) Molecular surveillance of novel tick-borne organisms in Madagascar's lemurs. Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases 9(3): 672-677.Link
Arthur A et al. (2018) Molecular evolution of genes associated with preeclampsia: genetic conflict, antagonistic coevolution and signals of selection. Journal of Evolutionary Medicine 6: 236038.Link
Krulikas LJ et al. (2018) Application of integrated drug screening/kinome analysis to identify inhibitors of gemcitabine-resistant pancreatic cancer cell growth. SLAS Discovery 23(8): 850-861.Link
Lea AJ et al. (2018) Dominance rank-associated gene expression is widespread, sex-specific, and a precursor to high social status in wild male baboons. PNAS 115(52): E12163-E12171.Link
Nelson CS et al. (2018) HCMV glycoprotein B subunit vaccine efficacy mediated by nonneutralizing antibody effector functions. PNAS 115(24): 6267-6272.Link
Manus MB. (2018) Evolutionary mismatch. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health 2018(1): 190-191.Link


Publications 2017Read More
Lea AJ et al. (2017) Maximizing ecological and evolutionary insight from bisulfite sequencing data sets. Nature Ecology and Evolution 1: 1074-1083.Link
O'Keeffe K et al. (2017) Plastic potential: how the phenotypes and adaptations of pathogens are influenced by microbial interactions within plants. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 38: 78-83.Link
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Somarelli JA et al. (2017) PhyloOncology: Understanding cancer through phylogenetic analysis. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1867(2): 101-108.Link


Publications 2016Read More
Braasch I et al. (2016) The spotted gar genome illuminates vertebrate evolution and facilitates human-teleost comparisons. Nature Genetics 48(6): 700.Link
McConnell SC et al. (2016) Alternative haplotypes of antigen processing genes in zebrafish diverged early in vertebrate evolution. PNAS 113(34): E5014-23.Link
Rodriguez-Nunez I et al. (2016) The identification of additional zebrafish DICP genes reveals haplotype variation and linkage to MHC class I genes. Immunogenetics 68(4): 295-312.Link
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Saville AC, Martin MD, and Ristaino JB. (2016) Historic late blight outbreaks caused by a widespread dominant lineage of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary. PLoS One 11(12): e0168381.Link
Ristaino JB and Pfister DH. (2016) "What a painfully interesting subject": Charles Darwin's studies of potato late blight. BioScience 66(12): 1035-1045.Link


Publications 2015Read More
Houck K, Thompson A, and Sorensen M. (2015) Exploring the effects of energy reserves in modifying tradeoffs between immunostimulation and growth in children from Galapagos, Ecuador. American Journal of Human Biology 27(2): 271.
Nunn CL et al. (2015) Linking evolution, ecology, and health: TriCEM. BioScience 65(8): 748-9.Link