August 7, 2018

Cancer and Evolution

TriCEM supports research on the ecology and evolution of cancer, including genetic variants that influence cancer risk, the evolution of resistance to chemotherapy, and phylogenetic approaches to investigating and understanding cancer.

We have supported cancer research in the NC Triangle through Seed Grants, Symposia, and Working Groups.


Seed Grants:

Genomics Meets Mathematics: Inferring the Evolutionary Dynamics of Breast Cancer (2017)

A Cross-Species Analysis of the Mutational Landscape of Cancer (2017)

Applying  Evolutionary Principles to the Study of Cancer Progression and Therapy Resistance (2016)

Screening for Novel Kinase Inhibitors to Combat Drug Resistance in Pancreatic Cancer (2016)

Beyond Peto’s Paradox with the Geriatric Peromyscus (2016)


Working Groups:

Building a data repository to improve oncologic care of zoological species (2020)

PhyloOncology: The Phylogenetics of Cancer Evolution (2015)



Comparative Oncology In Animal and Human Health (2015)