The Scientist and The Science: Jason Somarelli

       The Scientist Dr. Jason Somarelli is the embodiment of interdisciplinary research. In the rising era of science that is dependent on building bridges and connecting across disciplines, he has casted a wide net for his own interests. Interdisciplinary on his own accord. Dr. Somarelli is a cancer researcher by profession. He describes Read more about The Scientist and The Science: Jason Somarelli[…]

Dr. Craig Lowe: Interdisciplinary on His Own Accord

When most people think of hubs of innovation and scientific inquiry, they name locations like Silicon Valley, the futuristic Osaka Japan, or our very own Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.  For Dr. Craig Lowe, Amish country served as his scientific muse.  Growing up in a town adjacent to these tech adverse communities, he was Read more about Dr. Craig Lowe: Interdisciplinary on His Own Accord[…]

Spotlight Researcher Dr. William Parker

TriCEM Spotlight Researcher: William Parker, PhD Dr. William Parker on Evolutionary Medicine: “I found my voice in evolutionary medicine and people like Charlie Nunn and Randolph Nesse gave me an arena in which to speak” Dr. William Parker greets everyone with a smile. He likes to meet in person, and finds joy in research, education, Read more about Spotlight Researcher Dr. William Parker[…]