Upcoming talk on poverty and health care: Dr. Matt Bonds

TriCEM is hosting a breakfast featuring Dr. Matt Bonds of Harvard Medical School. He will be giving a lecture titled Ecology of poverty, disease, and health care delivery.

March 19, 2019, 8:30-10:00 am 

If you are interested in attending the breakfast, please email Grace Farley at grace.farley@duke.edu, as TriCEM breakfasts are by invitation only.

More information on Dr. Bonds’s research can be found here: http://bondslab.com/.

Abstract: The disease burden in low income countries is determined by a combination of ecological and socio-economic factors. I will present how these factors may interact to trap people in conditions of poverty and disease, and how strengthening large scale  health systems can generate rapid population-level impacts.  I will use my work with PIVOT in Madagascar as a case study.